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📅 Published on January 30, 2007

hi all!
i have a ton of pictures to post but the internet is not in my favor at this current moment. oh well.

st. eustache on sunday. i sat near the front and i got a leaflet so i was able to read along during the scripture etc. i am absolutely re-amazed at the language of the bible. now that i am hearing it in another language, it feels like i am hearing it for the first time. it is incredible… listening to the bible without having any preconceptions about the words you are going to hear or memories from childhood. not that these things are bad, but it is definitely a refreshing experience.

there is a new girl in my french class from russia; tatiana. she is really nice. also, two japanese girls, shoha and aki, are taking salsa classes. finally! some women to go dancing with. as soon as they have taken a few classes, we are going to go together. (good french practise, too!)

yesterday in drawing class, we finally put all of the exercises we have been learning together. gesture, contour, and proportion… and everything was beautiful. i am amazed that i can draw better when i dont look at the page that much, and i need to put more lines on the page than my instinct tells me to. I also have to start at the belly or the pelvis and work towards the feet, then go back and work towards the head. that way i can fit everything in proportion on the page. the model looked like james bond (age and all). kathy said that i achieved the best line quality yet in that class. i can’t see the difference.

after drawing class, i met two other girls and we waited in line at bastille national opera to see don giovanni. alas! by the time the line shortened to us, tickets were 70 euros. that is too much. but we met some fellow opera lovers… (i kind of like waiting in these lines!) a woman who used to live in montréal, and a group of young french students. young people talk so fast, so it is harder to meet them.

nous avons pris un verre à une café aprés attendre dans le queue… we sat outside on this beautiful corner … it is january! i had a good conversation with my house mother when i got back, and i talked to matt on the phone…

i miss you all
be well and savor the snow for me



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