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📅 Published on November 26, 2006

Alright, folks – here is the course list!

French (Advanced) – 7 cr. hrs.

Art History – Introduction to the Louvre – 3 cr. hrs.
“We will be looking atthe collections in the Louvre in a chronological sequence, but we will also examine techniques of presentation. We will also reflect on the factors that elevate some works into myths. We will examine the social and cultural backdrop of the works studied;… The course takes place in the Louvre every Wednesday evening.”

Art – Raw Materials and Techniques in Painting – 3 cr. hrs.
“Technique is one of the most neglected areas in 20th-century painting, but it is something that can be taught in a relatively objective manner. This introduction to the major techniques in painting is based on the method used at the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris… A warning to sorcerer’s apprentices: Nicolas Wacker believed that the mystery in art lay at that point where matter and mind collaberate fully. The materials we use in painting are like tools that can be learned about, modified, etc. This opens up infinite possibilities. However, it is vain to have flawless technique and have no spiritual dimension to art: each of us must rely on our own inspiration.
“Students can bring… no paint for this course, since they will be making their own in class as part of their assignments.”

Art – Tutorial in Raw Materials and Techniques in Painting – 2 cr. hrs.
“By the fourth week of the regular class, students are expected to go to the Louvre to copy a portion of a master painting they have chosen… They are expected to spend several mornings every week at the museum in order to finish their project by the end of the semester.”

Spanish Dance – Introduction to Flamenco – 3 cr. hrs.

Excitement is setting in at an alarming rate. If I don’t make it into the Raw Techniques class, which I may not, I will take Figure Drawing and perhaps a French film course.
I feel the urgent need to paint.

A la prochaine! Je t’embrasse!

COUNTDOWN TO LANDING: 47 days, 13 hours, 42 minutes

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  1. R. W.

    I did not want to bother anyone with another post today, but I just had a reality check : spending all day painting, and wanting to burn the canvas by the end. Maybe I am not ready for this Louvre business.

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