if anyone is wondering where the rest of the weekend went, it is at the end of yesterdays post. sorry for any inconvenience. 🙂
also, i think i might have forgotten to mention that café imprévu is the first place i have found that sells a cup of fair trade coffee (for almost twice the price)

i moved up a level in the language school, and it is identical to the one before. i think i will ask to move up again before the next testing period. my goal is to move up 3 more levels while i am here, which is in the next month and a half, i believe.

drawing class was terrible yesterday. we had a beautiful and very voluptuous model who would have been a pleasure to draw if i wasnt being so picky. for some reason the professer was getting on my nerves, talking the entire time we were supposed to be drawing, and the model had very short legs so i couldnt get the proportions right for the life of me. finally at the end of class, i changed my whole drawing style and got a really good drawing out of an amazing pose.

i am feeling homesick a little bit and i feel like i am getting worse at speaking french.
i need to take a deep breath and challange myself again
i dont think it is natural for people to put themselves in situations like this
what have i done?
i am scared to talk to the guy at the bakery! for petes sake!

it is time for me to push myself more. i cannot continue to ride on the thrill of newness. this will be the true test of my ambition to learn and grow. the rest of these 3 months.