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📅 Published on April 4, 2007

Hi everyone!

I am back from Barcelona and I am glad to be back. It was a good trip mais il faisait froid la plupart de temps quand j’etais la et francais me manquait! I fell completely in love with Gaudi and with spanish though, while I was there, and I discovered that Fude’s sangria is very very good.

Okay on Sunday we got up and were going to go to church because it was palm sunday, but the service didn’t start until noon. we checked into our hostel and went to meet Darrin. we walked along the ocean and ended up at the platge de barceloneta. it was beautiful… but would have been more beautiful if we weren’t freezing ;). we went out onto a little piece of land jutting out, and i climbed these huge blocks of concrete that were piled up to block the huge waves coming in. it was a thrill! yes it was dangerous. i am still here. there were surfers!

we then tried to go to the barcelona museum of contemporary art, but found out that all the museums close very early on sundays. so that meant that we didn’t go to any museums while we were there.
however, we did go to parc guell, the park that gaudi designed. i am so glad we go to go! it is a beautiful, quirky park that is also full of nature. it smelled of evergreen trees and there were cacti!!!

in the evening we went to an organic vegetarian mexican restaurant of sorts which was also very cheap and amazing… full of locals. the food was excellent and the atmosphere was sweet.

we basically just went back to our hostel and slept… cold is very tiring!

the nextmorning we left the hostel at 3 to catch the bus to the airport for our 6am flight.
we got on the bus and there were a bunch of obnoxious parisian guys who had obviously been drinking all night, but it was SO wonderful to hear french again! i don’t know what i am going to do when i get back to canada. IF i get back to canada. i no longer love hearing english and i adore the french accent. i didn’t realize how much i had grown to love it until i left this weekend. i didn’t realize how much i love france until this weekend. it is home now.

monday was a bit of a dud because i was so tired from the flight but il faisais tres beau, avec du soleil… j’ai tres bien dessine. in the evening i went out to dinner with Iannis to this beautiful little french bistro called au part des anges after watching the sunset at sacre coeur. there were maybe 4 tables and there was one guy running the whole restaurant – you could see him cooking your food, then he would bring it out to you, serve the next table, etc. there was also a huge dog in the bistro that was running in and out of the kitchen. i almost tripped over him when i came in. a bit bizaar. i had magret de canard and it was so so good. the evening was wonderful.

yesterday was painting and i was completely lacking in inspiration. we were doing egg emulsion which i thought i would love, but i really do not like it. it is a bit like watercolor.
i think the problem is that i have to make all my paintings look like they are part of a series but with so many different mediums. i am really having trouble with my theme, too, because i don’t have real images to work from. it is discouraging, but i cancelled my trip to nantes this weekend to paint. i hope i will be able to tie everything together and make some work that i really will be proud to present. i presently have ONE. maybe pray for this.

i danced very well in the evening. i was really happy with it. my teacher used me to demonstrate stuff that ihave never done and i did it perfectly the first time. i hope you don’t think i am bragging – it just feels really good to be good at something that i am currently doing.

my french is really improving but my circumstances seem extreme. either i hang out with my program friends and speak no french, or i hang out with iannis and his friends or my house mom and i speak all french. iannis’ friends are the hardest because sometimes they don’t understand my accent. my house mom understands me, and she LOVES me, i realized. i see her more lately because i am at home more, and she invited me to stay longer if i want to stay in paris. that is an honor. she said i am the best student she has ever had.

today i wrote my final french exam and i think i did very well. i had no trouble at all. i will now go to work on painting until the studio closes. pray, pray for inspiration!

I really do not want to go back to Canada so I am pursuing travail after all. I am making up a french resume with all my resto experience to give to cafes. i am going to pretend that i don’t know i need papers, and hope that they will have fallen in love with me enough to want to hire me anyway, and pay me under the table. i think i will have alot going for me because i speak english, and i would be working through tourist season.
i have also found a possibility to work in the south of france at a summer home as an au pair. they would give me my own studio and feed me for free,but the problemwith this is they want me to speak english and that would defeat the purpose of staying in france. i have had lots of little windows open to me in the past few weeks – little comments of opportunity that suggest i may be able to stay here. en plus, if i stay in france my mom said she would want to visit me for sure… if i come back, i am taking that away from her!!! 😉 just kidding mom.

i need prayer – i don’t know what is going to happen in the next month, and i don’t know what really should happen. pray that the best thing happens. pray gods will be done for me. and pray that i have courage to face what i must do – whether that be return to canada or stay in france.

Thank-you for your prayer and your support and your thoughts.
I love you!

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  1. The Laughing Rover

    If you ever want to stay in France at a safe and fun place doing something useful and still having the opportunity to speak french, come here to Champfleuri! They welcome people in to help, it\’s not hard and it\’s really fun getting to meet people from all over the world. For us north americans we have to pay to be here, but it turns out it\’s really very little; 1,60 a night if you eat leftovers (yummy) or buy your own food. Anyways. Just a thought.

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