or hola!
i cant remember how to spell it

here i am in barcelona.
Barcelona is gorgeous and free and inspiring. the architecture is quirky and grand. i love it.

i have also realized in the last few hours that i speak less than 0 % of the spanish language. i cant believe how much i don’t know the language. i couldnt even remember how to say please.
on the other hand, the people here are friendly, they smile, they don’t feel rude when you speak english or french. they make good sangria. they are funny and have good senses of humor. and they dance flamenco. what can be better?

some highlights so far:
seeing a man watering a huge garden with a tiny little watering can
slums built of anything that people can find
woman scarecrow
buildings on tops of mountains
scruffy hackney pony being driven along a dirt road
walking beside the port at sunset
sangria and clams
a good long conversation with the pharmacist lady

at the airport they threw out all my liquids because the transparent bag i had was tinted blue, and it absolutly HAS to be clear. i was furious. that is very expensive.

i love spain

oh and my hostel is really neat. it is quiet and youngfeeling, and very secure. it is down one of those little pietons only pathways with laundry hanging between windows.

i think this is all for now!