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📅 Published on February 28, 2008

I am pleased to announce my next trip – this one is hardly even a bite! 5 days I will spend in Paris, from the 13th to the 18th. The ticket was only $600 Fargo-Chicago-Paris. I have lined up a voice lesson with a Canadian soprano living in Paris, which I am very excited about – she is virtually the only musical connection I have in Paris.

The other possibility is to have a lesson with a tenor who sings in the chorus of the Opera Bastille, whose number was given to me by my mere francaise the last time I was there. This is a bit more scary for me, as speaking french on the phone is still a bit scary for me. However, the connection is almost too delectable to resist, and I hear he is very charming. 😉

Of course, the highlight will be seeing my lover and celebrating one year since we met on the 17th. He says he has an idea, but this idea is a secret. Those are the best kind.

I am also beginning to explore the possibility of moving there ‘pseudo-permanently’ after my degree – the goal is April or September. Of course this will depend on alot of factors, money and employment being the major one. I would love to try to build a career in europe, and Paris would not be a bad home base, considering it is the European country that I feel the most comfortable with.
Ah, dreams of a tiny one-room studio in the centre of Paris, with hardwood floors and wrought iron outside the window, at the very top of a building with no elevator (those are the cheapest kind). I would have a convertible fouton for all of my visitors from Canada, a cat named Caoutchouc, a fridge only big enough for a day’s worth of groceries, an air purifier, and my art covering the walls. How beautiful it would be!


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