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📅 Published on February 8, 2007
my louvre afternoon flew by, and i was nearly late for my class. i spent it in the puget court, which has a glass ceiling and it was a sunny day. we dont often get sunny days here.

the class was fascinating, as we were talking about medieval icon painting and objets d’art.

relics, here, are presented in the same case as plates and are presented as artworks. is this ethical? why doesnt the church want their relics back? and who really thinks that a tin plate is art?

this morning i spent at versailles with one of my friends, melanie.

it is a half hour train ride from my house. it was sunny again, but bitter cold.
everyone in paris is always on strike, and this time the teachers had gone on strike because some student hit one of them yesterday. i dont know how this connects with versailles, but it was closed.

the chateau from the front – we decided to wander around in the gardens instead of going inside.

the gardens are absolutely beautiful, and it was so refreshing to be in nature. there was wind in trees, water running, mud, sheep, and barbed wire fences. there was countryside! and when the wind blew as we passed the horses, i could smell the fresh hay and horse.
okay, there really was not much to see. even most of the sculpture was covered in green bags for protection. afterwards, we went for lunch in a cafe.

relaxing and exhilerating day.
now i am going to wait in line for a ticket to see les contes d’hoffmann.

wish me luck!

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  1. Susan Pharaoh

    Bekki! I\’m singing \”Elle a Fui, la tourterelle!\” from the Opera Les Contes D\’Hoffmann! I\’m singing it in a competition this MaRowanh. I hope you do get to see it, Love to hear how you enjoyed it! The piece I\’m singing is very pretty! Keep up the good work in your art and dance classes, they sound wonderful! Enjoy Paris! love, susan



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