The first two pictures are from the first night… what else to do but visit la tour Eiffel?

These are some of the people I am on the program with… the tall guy is Ryan, and left to right: Erin, Sarah, Me.

The second night we were in Paris, we took a walk along the Seine.

Thursday evening: dinner out chez Le Petit Keller. This is a toast to one of the program directors, David.

My language school, PERL.

Yesterday, I took a walk in Pere Lachaise cemetery and stumbled on the grave of one of my current favorite French painters.2004 SRSS Choir Tour people will remember this man… Victor Noir was a journalist who was known for his prowess in bed. Infertile women now go and ‘pay homage’ to him at his gravesite in the hopes that his spirit will bless them with children.