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📅 Published on January 23, 2007

I want to comment on a few more things from Sunday.

the meal::: one thing that stuck out at me was the conversation. they are very proud to be french, and to have money, and to be part of a somewhat famous family. it was very interesting::: i cant decide if it is patriotism and family pride or if it is something else. also, they treated me with such grace and patience but i couldnt help but notice that they see me as inferior. i think it is a cultural age difference thing.

st. eustache::: there were tourists all around, which was a bit wierd but i could ignore them. i cant imagine what it would be like in summer! i couldnt understand most of the french in the service because it was miked and then the acoustics of the church reverberated as well, but i could understand the latin and it tied everything together for me. i felt a part of a greater church, just as i feel at st margarets. there were plenty of worshippers, and many of them are my age. instead of being distracting, the architecture and the huge organ just added to the mass. the organist is 24 years old!

i have been drawing more and more on the metro::: mostly doing studies of pieces of the body. yesterday was foot day. i think today will be nose day. in the figure drawing class, we are learning gesture and contour. there are exercises for each. the gesture exercise is done in a few seconds::: just looking at the model, not at the page, we are to let our hand capture the gesture of the body. i dont particularly like drawing this way because it kind of takes out the decision in painting which has been absent for so long. the contour exercise is to look only at the model, and trace the outline of her body with your hand on the page like a snail creeping over it, always finding new passages. we do this for about 20 minutes. it is amazing how it fills you with a new appreciation for detail. my teacher whose name is kathy burke says that i draw like a dentist::: she says i have the most unique contour drawings. it is true that i find myself gravitating toward individual strands of hair, armpits, ears, toes and fingers…

i had my first dance class yesterday as well which was tango! the brochure said the class was all levels, but it turned out to be the intermediate class. so! i danced with the worst dancer in the class and learned a bit, then i danced with the teacher and learned alot. it it very much fun but it is very different than salsa. much more intense. i learned more french and i think i learned alot of tango:::: but it turned out that the teacher is independant ( he is the one who organizes the tango by the seine) and i had to pay for the lesson, and it is not for credit. but he got my information and invited me back for the class for debutantes, and told me that benjamin will wait for me. he assigned me a partner already… i really love the teacher and the class, but i cant afford to pay every week for it.
the class was two and a half hours and by the end my feet were numb from breaking in my salsa shoes. (the people in the class also take salsa!) it felt so good to dance again.

i came home and realized that i missed my dinner with ma mère française. that was horrible. she forgave me.

our trip to normandy was moved to two weekends from now, but instead all the people in the figure drawing class are getting together on sat afternoon to draw each other.

thank you for your prayers

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  1. Matt

    betka in paris, eh? we miss you.

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