33 Reasons to Make Art Today

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📅 Published on March 25, 2016

  1. You want to.

  2. That’s how art gets made – when it is made today. No art ever gets made tomorrow.

  3. It will make your day better.

  4. If you do it today, it will likely be much easier to do it again tomorrow.

  5. To beat your internal resistance.

  6. Because it is an act of resistance against consumerism.

  7. To express the unique recipe of emotions and experiences you are feeling today.

  8. Because you’re a little bit scared to.

  9. “…perhaps the birds will feel the expanded air with more passionate flying.” (Rilke)

  10. You have an idea for a piece of art, however small.

  11. To have a change in routine/To continue your routine.

  12. There aren’t too many better ways to spend an hour.

  13. Because the sun rose this morning and set this evening, and even if it was behind a grey curtain of cloud, the changing sky has provided material for artists since the very beginning of art.

  14. It is (or can be) one of the cheapest ways to amuse yourself.

  15. If you have stuff to work through, it’ll help you work through it.

  16. You’ll look at the art you made today in a few years, and it’ll help you remember a bit about what your life was like “back then.”

  17. It will make you healthier.

  18. Your perspective and experience today is slightly different today than it is on any other day, so anything you make today will represent this unique perspective.

  19. You promised yourself awhile ago that you would make more art.

  20. Last time you made art, you asked yourself why you don’t do this more often.

  21. What you say through your art might someday make someone else feel less alone.

  22. Because there’s no thrill like beginning something new.

  23. It’ll make you feel more connected to the world.

  24. It’ll make you feel more connected to yourself.

  25. It’ll make you feel more connected to nature, or the supernatural, or your life purpose, or God, or your own personal belief system.

  26. The internet can wait.

  27. It allows you to say something if you feel you’re being silenced or cannot express yourself in another area of your life.

  28. You’ll learn something about yourself.

  29. It’ll make you smarter.

  30. Because you can. Even if it’s just a thought experiment, a sung melody, or a doodle on a scrap of paper, the making of a tiny piece of art is accessible to all.

  31. Although it doesn’t have to be “good”, it probably won’t be half-bad, either.

  32. It makes a good response to the “What did you do last night?” question.

  33. Because something in you is drawn to make something, and this impulse can either be heeded or ignored. But one thing is certain – it’s not going to go away.



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