Pictures take a little time, so I will try to catch up from Tuesday.

In the evening, I had tango class. I think dance has a tendency to take over my life… i love it so much. I think i have sufficiently broken in my shoes, because there was no pain except when Benjamin stomped on my toe. I was placed in the intermediate class for most of the 2.5 hours, which was a thrill. i learned ‘tourné’ which is when the danseuse kind of walks around the danseur crossing her steps in front and behind, alternating. it is an exercise in équilibre or balance. we practised it this way… the danseur would stand on one foot and put both hands on the danseuse’s shoulders while the danseuse performed the tourné.
i also made a breakthrough in the ‘pas’ of tango… i think that means step. in salsa, i am used to trying to make my step as small as possible, but in tango, the steps are big and dramatic, and you keep your foot in the air for as long as possible and point your toe. the knees can be bent quite dramatically as well to faire un croisé, which is crossing legs. posture is also super important, because the danseuse takes cues from the danseurs hand on her back qnd to move, she keeps her chest exactly equal with the danseurs chest and her feet must be exactly under her chest. if you are off balance or the man is off balance, the toes are stepped on. balance, balance, balance! it will be good for salsa dancing, too.
i told benjamin that i would not be his permanent partner because i need a partner better than me to improve, and he was a bit upset. but c’est la vie.
two men from the intermediate class emailed me to offer to do my presentation at the end of the semester, and i will try one of them out this sunday. the intermediate class is going to l’opus café together to practise… it is my homework to go dancing on the weekends, because this tango course is for credit. what better homework could i ask for?

wednesday afternoon: le louvre, comme d’habitude. each time it is different. this time, i had to do a scavenger hunt that was due two weeks ago for my louvre class. it was stressful and unrewarding, because i had to find and comment on 31 different works of art in different categories. i only had 1.5 hours to finish this hunt, and i didnt enjoy the museum at all… although i found it amusing that every time i stopped by a work of art to write, others would inconspicuously come over to look at what i was looking at. not that what i was looking at was anything special, but i guess they thought that if i was writing something about it, it must be famous. tourists make me laugh.

louvre class in the evening was at the professers house in a suburb… there was something odd about the town that i couldnt place, and it ended up being houses. i havent seen a house in a month! it is all apartments here. it reminded me of germany.
it was the first time meeting the professer… she broke a rib so we have had a sub all this time. carol mann is from england, but has livedin paris for 26 years. she doesnt believe in teaching art from books or color slides, but it is easy for her to condemn::: she lives in paris! she is the head of a humanitarian organization, femaid, which works with local womens organizations in afghanistan and bosnia. she is also a photographer and fashion designer, and her husband is a painter.

she is very opinionated and confrontational. she is a relativist, and seems to have no religion, though if she would pick a religion she seemed to like the greek gods. she is all about the idea that people bring their own ‘story’ to art::: i am not sure i will like this class very much for these reasons, but it will stretch me. i will have to be a critic rather than a sponge. she is a very interesting person; however; with a wealth of knowledge.
at one point in her life, she was given money by the museum of modern art of paris to comission photographers for a fashion exhibit. she showed us one of the pictures she commissioned… the photographer had done a set of a girl and boy in new york who were both part of a band, and looked rebellious and very 80s. on a closer look…. hey! thats madonna! these were taken before she even knew she would become an icon for pop culture.

it feels like a lazy day here, and i have alot to do. it is already 2pm. i need to put down a skeleton sketch for my masterpiece copy and go shopping for my french catholic prayer book…
i may try to go to see the orchestra of paris do mahlers tragic symphony or go to a global warming demonstration at the eiffel tower tonight.

there are flowers blooming here
there is a new set of achats in the metro by the centre pompidou
one of them says…

‘l’artist est menteur, mais l’art est vérité.’
the artist is a liar, but art is truth

any comments?