before paris chat, i need everyone to pray or think of my dad and the fire department. recently there were two firefighters about my dads age that died in a fire. this is very hard to consider – this could happen to anyone in the fire department. it is scary.


monday night i found a really beautiful laverie (laundromat) in chinatown. i know, i know… perhaps a laverie isnt really beautiful. how much is beauty measured in relation to other similar things?
(i will use it from now on)

my new french teacher is pierre, and he has a very low smokers voice. i think all the other language teachers are in love with him.
however, we are going over past tenses of verbs again and what i really need is to study pronouns and the subjonctif. we shall see if i get up the courage to talk to the head of the school about this.

painting class – the favorite part of my week. we began painting yesterday… actually painting! i never did get the foot right but that is okay… it is covered up now. we started by covering the whole canvas with a neutrally tinted varnish (dont forget – we made the varnish and the paint from scratch! thrill!)
then, we painted an emulsion coat, which contains added oil ( we made the emulsion from a box but later in the course we will use egg yolk like the icon painters did) and paint. the purpose of the emulsion coat is to emphasiwe light and dark and to put down colors that you want to show through later. my problem is that i want it to look good right away, so i was scared to put down anything that didnt match the painting. i will continue to work on the emulsion coat next week, but right now it looks like a paint-by-numbers painting. it looks alright, but not like everyone elses. let go!

tango – the real favorite part of my week. Benjamin, the guy i rejected last week, has now switched classes so i will not see him anymore. this is a bit bizarre.
now that i have attended a ball, i feel like i know where i am going in tango and the learning curve is beautifully steep. i feel like i made a leap since sunday and it feels SO good. my partners and i could actually dance through a whole song without stopping or apologizing! it was very much fun, and i was invited to an electro tango party on thursday by the guy who is doing my presentation of tango with me at the end of the semester. it is only his friends, apparently, so i feel privileged to be invited.

it is louvre day!

it is also snowing, and i love it.
all the best