it is a gorgeous, sunny day, very warm – probably 15 degrees out. perfect.

this morning i went to the practise rooms at the cité universitaire and practised singing for an hour – it felt so good and my voice feels fine. it is loose and supple and i can do some things that i couldnt do when i left. a break is very good. i will start practising again here, now that i know of these practise rooms.
i plan to go to the musée de moyen age this afternoon, if i make it. it seems like there is always something to do, and it is the kind of day where i just want to read in a park all day. maybe i will.

i made a sleeping in this morning because i was sick, and i feel a bit better. meribeth is coming tomorrow to spend the weekend, so we will be running around trying to do everything. it will be really fun to be a tourist in paris.

i am feeling very wierd talking about paris lately… i feel kind of snobbish or something. i dont know why. it is just like any other city – the people are diverse, there are good and bad things about it. the only thing that is cool about studying art in paris is that there is such a great concentration of resources here that there isnt anywhere else in the world.
france is terrible for sticking its nose in the business of other countries, and it is part of western europe so it has the confidence of a country with a very rich, long history. it doesnt seem to really think about its relations with countries that are less powerful. the big thing for them is dealing with its own population and with the US. most of the news here is focussed on france, and not too many everyday journals are dedicated to world news.
on the other hand, paris is expert at taking advantage of the good things of every culture. it feels like a really global city in this way.

thoughts on how art is good for society: after thinking about this very intensely for about a month, i have come to one possible conclusion.
this is the ideal picture: a person without any preconceptions about a painting, looking at it, trying to understand. then there is the painting. it is like the magnifying glass. under the magnifying glass – the mind of the painter.
when a painter is painting, he knows that the viewer is coming to his painting as a person, not as a machine. he also has an intended audience which is probably a certain kind of culture or place. it matters not what he is trying to convey, but he must do it visually to the best of his ability. his painting must speak for itself, because he will not be there to explain it.
it is the job of the person viewing the painting to try to figure out what the artist is trying to say.
THIS IS NOT COMMON in our society today. we are not good at listening to each other and really trying to understand anothers mind.
think about this – if we all spent our time trying to understand each other, society would be completely different. viewing art is practise for relating to people in a way that is beneficial to society.

the sun is calling me but i have some more thoughts on this topic, and especially in relation to modern art.