spring is tiring. everything is coursing with this energy of growing.

i need to decide today and book flights for spring break. i am thinking of two options:

1) go to london to visit rachel for a few days, go to kilkenny, ireland to visit julia for a few days.

2) spend the week reading a book a day at shakespeare and company, not showering, and going to mass three times a day.

i feel like i need to travel, but i dont want to run myself into the ground.
painting was so relaxing yesterday – i worked on the sky and the ground the whole time. the first picture is from last week, and the next two are from the end of yesterday. i am really happy with how the sky looks – it really just came out naturally. looking at the sky i was not sure how i was going to even begin to get the right colors, but they are matched almost perfectly. i used 4 kinds of browns and two kinds of blue. and white. and yellow. yeeee!

i made the most brilliant salad, which i slightly stole from fude. it was greens in season, figs, peanuts, granny apples, blue cheese, and for the dressing it was dijon mustard and olive oil. there were also herbs from provence. it felt so healthy to eat!

i have a busy weekend ahead, but the things i am most excited about is going to the montreuil market on saturday morning to buy a bicycle. apparently you can get them for 60 euros ish and sell them again when you leave. i want to get a girls bike so i can ride with my skirts ( not that i have much else to wear) and with a basket. i calculated that it would take about 1 1/2 hours to bike from my suburb to the other side of the city where my class is. i might find a parking spot in a more central location and metro it to my bike every day. ill see how it works.

i think what i thought was tulips was really crocusses. perhaps.

there were more men than women at tango yesterday!!! it was heaven. my teacher was feeling a bit better and we worked on really specific things, which took alot of concentration. tango takes SO much concentration, because the danseuse has to sense every single little movement of the danseurs body – even the parts that arent touching. she has to know exactly where his foot is in the air without looking! i love it…

this weekend, everyone went travelling. some girls rented a car and drove to bordeaux (and slept in the car). one girl hitchhiked by herself to geneva. i would NOT do that – never fear! it was really neat to hear about all their experiences.

okay class time!