ben… qu’est-ce que j’ai fait hier?

ah it seems so far away.
i think just the usual… french was boring etc., oh yes!
i had the bright idea in the afternoon to walk from my language school on one side of the city to the grand palais which is on the other side. to see the treasures of egypt. hm. it took two hours (i did take a detour to visit st.sulpice which i didnt actually see) and i was exhausted. in the end, all i found was the automobile federation of france and i went back to the louvre to sketch comme d’habitude, but i found out that i left my louvre pass at home. so two hours later i arrived at the louvre, and class started. c’est la vie, en paris. oui… class was very interesting and we were discussing renaissance painting. our mid-term is next week and i am going to describe the van eyck painting in the louvre, which i adore.
however, i feel like if i do not regurgitate everything the professer says, i will get a very bad mark. every time i speak my mind in class, she says that i am wrong. however, she keeps insisting that each person looks at art differently. it is angering me. but i like learning about the art, so i will keep the class. and i will continue to speak my mind.
yesterday night i bought my plane ticket to ireland. i found it for 25 euros with ryanair. yay! however. the reason it was so cheap is because it arrives in dublin at 11pm. that means that i cant get to kilkenny unless i take a cab... or i could get a hostel in dublin. now i have to find out which is cheaper. i had already bought the ticket when i realized this. it will be an adventure!

today i went with ryan to the musee d’homme, and to monter la tour montparnasse. this is paris’ best-kept secret in my opinion. it is really ugly, but that is the exact reason why you should climb it instead of eiffel. no one wants to look at it, really! if you climb this tour (for half the price), you can see all of paris, INCLUDING la tour eiffel, and everything you see when you are on top of eiffel. WAY better. take my word for it.

musee d’homme walks you through population problems, evolution, death rates, aliens, senses, and diseases. it is interesting, but museum of man and nature in winnipeg is better. the outside of the museum is better than the inside.

I was about as big as the baby’s arm.
a little room full of full-color busts with their eyes closed…

skeletons of fetuses with ceramic busts in the reflection.

a skeleton of a person that had some disease…
this is a guy i took a random picture of, because he seemed to be equally amused by all the tourists. he actually smiled for my picture.

i also went, today, to see ‘la mome’, the new movie about edith piaf. it is absolutely incredible! very moving, very good cinematography. good sign… i wasnt even aware that it was in french! i understood everything. just really, an excellent film.

okay… here is the big idea of the day.
get ready!

i had the idea today that i could stay in france for the summer, and work at vimy ridge. yes!
i would get paid in euros. they need bilingual people, and i will be bilingual enough by the end of the semester to fit the bill. my plane ticket is already paid for. i could camp in a tent all summer, perhaps…
WHOOOPEEE! I think this is a very good idea. i have wanted to work at vimy for awhile, and the circumstances are perfect. i am very excited and will start researching this toute suite, because i am not sure what i have to do for application and work permits.


i will talk to you tomorrow!