The choir at St. Eustache is phenomenal. They sang some really good music, including one that I am sure the St. Ms choir has done – God be in my head by Rutter. I was really surprised to see a Rutter piece in Paris, but why not? It felt like home. (in english)
I walked around the church afterwards, and I was quite surprised. the paintings in the chapels were not clean and some of them had been completely obliterated over the years. however, i read on the walls that st. e is committed to commissioning modern art for the church, so i saw some of that. it made me really happy to see that, but i am not surprised. their organist is VERY modern, and sounds like Olivier Messaien. I am going to try to join the choir. It sounds like it is open to anyone, and they rehearse sunday morning before mass.

in the afternoon, i had to go back home to get my tango shoes… i was feeling scenic, so i took the bus to notre dame. i thought i would be very late, because i took the bus in the wrong direction first, but in fact i was right on time. it took me about 2/3 of the time it would have taken on the metro to get to Hotel de Ville! ha! an epiphany.

the reason i was going to notre dame was to listen to a lecture – the first in the lent series on truth. i was a bit apprehensive that it would be a waste of time, because i perhaps would not understand the language. but eureka! i could understand!
this also felt like home. the part of the lecture by the christian guy reminded me alot of david widdicome. it was very well done and very well thought out.
one of the points that stuck out for me was that the christian life requires faith before reason. faith valued highest, above reason, and reason just adds to the faith.
also, the truth that is presented by christianity is above reason to fully comprehend. it is a truth that is above any that humans could invent.

après, i got falafel in the marais and went to my tango practise. the studio messed up, so we had to just talk about dancey problems before the studio was available. i froze up and was scared to speak. partially because there were people from other classes and i think i didnt want them to know i didnt speak french fluently. as if they would never find out.
the dance part was excellent. i danced with some superb dancers and i felt like my ‘minimum level’ raised a little bit. this is what we talked about – it doesnt matter if you know how to do alot of things – if you still lose your balance, you may as well be a beginner forever.
i learned to respond all of the leads that i learned so far within one song… and i learned some new ‘moves’. the tour, the demi-tour, and a few others that i dont know the name of. i learned to milonguero!!!!!!! that is the dance where the dancers lean against each other and form a pyramid, dancing cheek to cheek. it feels really wierd to be always leaning and to just have to feel where the feet are under you, but it was divine.
my teacher talked to me and told me i was coming along very well, and that i could start to improve very quickly now that i had the basics down. he said that he would place me with advanced dancers in class so i could learn more quickly, bu he wants me to be partners officially with benjamin. he has gotten much better.

have a good week!