I will give you a practical update now.
Figure drawing on Monday was not that great because I was sick. Really – trying to create something when you are sick is no fun. We were doing an exercise where we measure from triangles, and it was not my cup of tea. To be honest, I like using all of the stuff we have learned so far in a big humble-jumble, without Kathy looking
over my shoulder. My stuff didn’t turn out so bad, but it was very light on the page because I was so unsure of myself.

Monday night, I almost chopped all of my hair off. It was late at night and I couldn’t sleep, I was delirious with a fever, and I decided that if I was going to cut off all my hair, this would be the time, I had my ponytail between the scissors, ready to go, and at the last minute I lost my nerve. It was pretty intense, and I feel like I will end up cutting my hair before the week is over. The funny thing is the rest of the girls in the program are thinking the same way.

I will make final plans today for Ireland, but chances are I will postpone my flight, book a few hostels in different cities, and travel around Ireland by myself for a few days, meet up with some other girls from the program in their hostel for awhile, THEN go see Julia in Kilkenny.
There is a huge hiking trail in the most beautiful part of Ireland that would take about 4 days to do if you hike for 8 hours a day, and I had the crazy idea that I would do that. By myself. Ha! However, it is not THAT unfeasible, because there are towns every 4 hours on the trail. It is not quite as extreme as Mantario. But that is what there is to do in Ireland – walk and see nature. What a great spring break this will be! I am hoping to go see the cliffs of Moher and lots of abbeys and monasteries.
Don’t worry, family – I do not intend to be out and about after the sun goes down. I might go to pubs with my friends, but not alone.

Yesterday, I slept in and went to the second half of French, because I was so sick.

I did paint, and I felt I made progress, though it doesn’t look like it. Those skin tones are so hard to get perfect, and it is not the best that I am a perfectionist. I am learning to let things go, because when I step back, it always looks better than I think it looks. Next I need to work on his face, hands, arms, feet. This will be difficult because I mix colors on the canvas, and these areas don’t have very much room for mixing. It is hard to do those initial emulsion layers with a small brush.

I also went to dance class. There were several extra men, and my teacher had to keep sending them away! The class was full of new people, but all of the men that I love to dance with from the intermediate class showed up as well. It was very fun. I tried out a possible partner who also salsa dances, but he was absolutely horrible. So, I put my foot in my mouth and asked Benjamin to be my partner again. He was happy I asked, and he said yes. So! I now have a real partner for the class. Eric, my teacher, was really pressuring me to decide last night, and I am glad I was able.

I did not have any problems speaking french last night to the people in the class, and Benj (ha – you say it like ‘bawge’) and I spoke french together, which is unusual. I feel like I am finally settling in to the language. I still have problems when people mumble or are unclear, but other than that it is going well! Now I hope I will be able to really expand my vocabulary quickly.
Of course, I am going to Ireland for spring break, and I will probably come back wanting to learn gaelic. 😉