Hi!I feel like these last two days have been a bit of a waste. I have been sick, and I finally figured out what kind of medication to buy. Also; I got an appointment with a doctore, so hopefully that goes well.I have booked my flight to ireland, from ireland, and i found a really cool hostel. it is called claddagh hostel in galway, a coast city, and if you are an artist and draw a picture on their wall, you can stay for free. sounds good to me! I am going to get one of the hostel staff to pose for me. I havent figured out transport. I am close to the cliffs of moher etc. in galway. i dont know what the etc. means. I am pretty laid back about this trip for some reason… i feel like if i know the language, it couldnt be easier! i can communicate! i plan to run around doing irish things and talking to locals, go for walks in nature, and going to a pub with my friends who will also be in galway. it should be really fun. i plan to not kiss the blarney stone. so i guess i didnt waste all my time… i wrote my louvre midterm which consisted of parking myself in front of a medieval altarpiece and writing about it for 2 hours. I wrote like mad, but i still had lots more to say. it was a good feeling. this weekend i may dance and this evening i am going to see molière by myself on the champs elysées. it starts soon – i should go. have a good weekend! i miss you! ps some normandy pictures for you, to remember good times past (actually ijust acquired these pictures)[