Life here is starting to feel less like a series of events, and more like LIFE. It is really nice.

I have been sick this week, so not much has happened. I wentto the doctor yesterday… that was a really neat experience.
It is a private practise. I went to the door of this apartment building, and I had to ring up to be let in. I went to the first floor, and the door of this apartment said ring and then enter. It felt a bit sketchy, but I rang and entered, and there was a waiting room that looked like it had been set up in the converted front hallway of an old apartment. It felt really cozy… not like a waiting room in a clinic at all, mostly because there was no reception, files, medical stuff on the walls… there was artwork! The doctor opened the door and let me into a spacious room with big windows that probably used to be the living room of the apartment. It had a big wooden desk in the corner, with shelves full of books about everything… medicine, gardening, fiction. Pictures of her children, artwork. The other corner had a big dark wooden medical bed, on which I sat for the examination. She was wearing just jeans and a sweater, and a stethescope around her neck (that’s how I knew she was a doctor ) 😉

I don’t think she knows english, but I don’tknow. The whole thing was in French, and it went really well. She didn’t say I had anything in particular, but gave me a prescription for four different types of drugs.
When I took them all yesterday at once, I got really sick to my stomach. When I got my french friend to read the paper that comes with it, it turns out one of them that I took was antibiotics, and that made me feel gross. I am going to try to get better without the antibiotics, but if I don’t get better in a few days, I will start taking them.

Yesterday I went to my dance partners apartment with his sister and I used the oven…I made cookies and omelettes. It was divine,but difficult to find the ingredients … paris doesn’t seem to have brown sugar at all, and i had to look in an obscure organic food store to find oats. i also had to break up a beautiful chocolate bar with a hammer to make chocolate chips. But the cookies are divine.

I also got together for dinner with a friend from Winnipeg who is travelling right now… It was really fun. He looked at me and said, “You are a different person.” He said that I seem content and much more relaxed.
I think he is right – when I was in Winnipeg working all the time, I did not feel like I had much to offer the world. I felt like I was waiting to become someone. Here, I am learning, and reading, and thinking, and I have time to do this. It is my main activity. I feel like I am constantly and very very gradually becoming different, and I hope, better. I feel like I am aquiring things that I will be able to share with people to enrich their lives. I am content.

I leave for Ireland tomorrow, and return on Saturday. I’ll try to update once or twice when I am there.
If not… have a wonderful week!