I guess when they told me not to expect good weather in Ireland, they were right. Sometimes I just refuse to take off those rose-colored glasses… or I think two sets of clothes and an umbrella will be great for five days’ worth of rain.

I realized that I love travelling by myself. I love the journeying. I had super fun on the buses and on the plane, just watching people and the scenery. On the bus to Beauvais airport, I met a fellow artist woman who ended up inviting me to stay with her in Cork. She is doing some amazing work – I am going to stay with her from Wed. – Thurs. I can’t wait to see her studio. If this actually happens, I will let you know how it goes. Ya see, this kind of thing doesn’t happen when you are travelling with others.

The folks beside me on the plane bought every single bottle of perfume possible to buy on the plane. It was hilarious.

Alright! So the bus to Galway was also really beautiful – I mean, the scenery. Ireland is really charming, with lots of stone walls and sheep. It was pretty easy to find the hostel, but it was raining really hard. I was soaking wet after 5 minutes of walking.
The hostel is kinda cool and the common room is really comfy. The people working here are super nice… I am staying in the girls dorm with a really nice group of girls from Erasmus, which is a European study abroad program. They don’t seem too crazy, and I will probably go to Cliffs of Moher with them tomorrow, especially if I don’t hear from my other friends, who did not show up at this hostel as they were supposed to. My cell phone is not working, so I feel quite disconnected. Hostels are neat little communities – I like the idea.

On the other hand, all I have done here so far is sit in the hostel, draw everything in sight, watch simpsons, and watch the rain. Tonight I will probably eat pizza with the Erasmus girls. Or go out by myself. We shall see.

I miss my cozy warm Paris and my homey big louvre. Little Ireland is bigger than it seems – the rain makes everything grow to enormous sizes until a lone traveller is swallowed up.
Pray for sunshine tomorrow!