I will post pictures when I get back home…

I didn’t enjoy the starkness of the Burren at first, but it grew on me in about 5 minutes, and it took my breath away by the end of the day. The cliffs of moher were stunning, the countryside, the Irish people. I am so glad I came here and we had a beautiful sunny day – perfect for seeing everything. It was absolutely amazing. I have so many stories but not much time…

In the evening, I went out with the Erasmus girls. I feel so lucky to have met such down-to-earth, classy girls here. I found my favorite beer – Murphy’s (tastes like coffee) and we pub hopped until 2:30am. We met up with some guys that were on our tour bus from Italy – one of them I talked to, and his name was Fabrizio. He lives in Parma.
“I would like to kiss you. One kiss will be enough.”
“I would like for you to be my girlfriend. I like you.”
“You will come to Parma and I will show you Rome, and Venice, and Florence.”
It loses alot in the translation but picture this with a thick Italian accent – it was very amusing. He was very sad at the end of the night when he didn’t get a kiss and when I wasn’t coming to Italy.

We also met an Australian guy named Duncan who was great for a laugh – it was great to be with a native english speaker, listening to all of the international people talking in our language. I ended up skipping down the streets of galway at 3am with Finland and Australia (Lisa and Duncan) – maybe the most surreal experience of my life.
An Aussie body boarder drew ocean waves in my drawing book.
We found doeners and went home…

I will go to Cork/Limerick today to see the studio of the woman I met on the bus. Pray for safety!
See you soon,