I woke up yesterday! Can you believe it?

Just kidding.
I woke up to go to mass at St. Eustache, which was wonderful. The weather was like summer – warm and perfectly sunny. I know why people love to come to Paris – it is far enough from the ocean to not have very much rain, but it is still warm and lovely.
In the afternoon I did all my laundry and posted the mega blog post from yesterday (it is a major event in a day, let me tell you!). The man in the internet café gave me some time for free. C’était très gentil!

I took Benj to the notre dame truth lecture, this time on media and truth. He didn’t like it, but he also doesn’t like churches… actually, the lecture was not that great this time around. Sadly, the token intellectual had a better argument than the Christian.
After this, we went to the tango practise together. I danced with lots of really good dancers and Eric really pushed us. I literally could not physically dance at the end of the 3 hours… I was completely wiped out. I still feel tired and achy.

I will be coming back for the summer, and not working at vimy ridge. I am really sad that it is nearly over. I can’t believe I only have 6 weeks left.