Okay! Friday I did nothing because I was absolutely exhausted. Actually… did I do something? Oh, yes. I went to the Louvre to see a special exhibition on early Christian art from Armenia (at the beginning of the first millenium, around the time of Constantinople etc.). It was amazing – the detail was incredible and the exposition had lots of really interesting write-ups about the political context of the art.
I needed to go out and take pictures of the SDF for my painting project. So I went and walked around Paris for several hours, but no one wanted their picture taken. It was astonishing. So I made some sketches and I ended up going from the Louvre down to Montparnasse and then back up again to the Notre Dame area. If you look at a map, that is a pretty long way!
I also visited St. Sulpice church. This is the most impressive church I think I have ever seen. This is a picture of a beautiful, awe-inspiring chapel. There is a disclaimer in the church about the ‘rose line’ that is mentioned in da vinci code. the poor church. people were still taking pictures like crazy. I finally visited musée du moyen age. this was incredible. i saw the six tapestries with the woman and the unicorn. you should look them up to read about them, but 5 tapestries are devoted to the five senses. then, the sixth is the woman under a tent that says ‘a mon seul desir’ and it is kind of a renunciation of the allure of the senses and a return to virtue. i loved them and i want to go back before i leave.
I also decided that st. margarets needs an altar piece.

Jardin du luxembourg and Fontaine MedicisI need to go rescue my laundry from the washer but I will catch up more tomorrow, as well as explain this captivating picture. Its a cliff-hanger!