Bonjour et une petit mail très vite.

St. Paddys, I went to Bridgets house in Montmartre and we had a potluck figure drawing session. It was much fun. I feel like I have improved.
Aprés ça, we went to a pub in montmartre with live music. this is my friend neva with beer and her irish hat. it was tons and loads of fun! i got back to bridgets at 5am! ahhh!

The next day i got up in the morning to go back home, and then i went to practise tango with benj. i went to the notre dame lecture on art and truth, which was amazing and i took notes so i can tell you a different time about it. benj and i then went together to the stage pratique at micadanses in marais. by then i was completely exhausted but the dancing was superb. my teacher offered to do my tango presentation with me! i donùt know yet what i should do with the presentation but i guess i should start deciding.

monday i had french in the morning which was usual, and figure drawing in the afternoon which was divine. we did an exercise where we were supposed to shade darkly where we felt that the model had tension or pain or pressure in his body. i absolutely loved this exercise because it was so intuitive and connecting. i love the idea that you can draw someones feeling. i wanted to keep going and going. my teacher said that i have improved alot.

in the evening i did laundry and then went to dinner at the cité with my friend heather and her friend who is here from the states for a week. i brought a little french friend along – his name is Iannis and he is from Lyon. he speaks that crazy verlin (l’invers) french where you trade the first and last syllable; it is pretty hilarious.

my housemom locked me out of the house when i got back at midnight, so i had to call bridget and stay at her house in montmartre for the night. i ended up getting very little sleep and i was lucky to be able to catch the metro all the way to montmartre. not exactly a good experience, and today i am exhausted.

a bientot!