To start, I would like to share with you an incredible video online that is TANGO at its finest!
eee it is incredible! Obviously no one I know can dance like that, but I am pleased to say that I recognize most of the enchainements from things we have done in class, and all the caresses etc. are just exaggerated versions of what we do. also, i don’t usually dance in the ‘closed’ position like that, which means the woman is basically leaning up against the man. i dance in an open style which is better for dancing with lots of different partners.

painting class was SO much fun yesterday! we mixed ammonium carbonate with heated beeswax pebbles and water on a bunsen burner to make emulsion, and then we used the emulsion with straight pigment. MAN it was fun! I spent my whole time making a painting for my collection of SDF, and I had so much fun layering and making thick textures. I was not finished at the end of the class – I wanted to do alot of detail on the woman begging for money, but I just didn’t have time.
I need to spend a bit of time this week working on my man by the ocean to finish him up. We’ll see how that goes.

Tango class was lovely lovely even though I was completely exhausted and Benj danced very well also. I learned how to finesse my kicks and caresses and to add them more often. Apparently that is what is next for me.

Yesterday was cool and I slept alot again – it is a tired time for me, apparently. I bought some cheap black flats (because mine were lost in the mail), a new bookbag (because the zipper on mine is completely shot), and a cute skirt (because I wanted to and it was cute!). Yes it is true that I have to justify all the money I spend. Tant pis but hey! I am in Paris!
I had louvre class in the evening and I got a B on my paper. The most ridiculous comment was… “where was this hung” right after I had said it was an altarpiece. Isn’t it a bit obvious? Most of the comments were like – why? More!. We only had 1 1/2 hours or less… i wrote 4 pages single spaced and I was writing constantly. I think I should have gotten a better mark, if the only reason I lost marks is because I didn’t have time to write every single thing down. Oh well, it isn’t like a B is that bad.

We did African, Oceanic and Asiatic art yesterday, and also middle Renaissance period. It was pretty fun. I LOVED the non-western art. It is so emotionally vivid.

After, a few of us went to a jazz bar not far from the cite. It was okay, not too great. Alot of american pop songs.

I also want to apologize for my lack of communication lately. There are three reasons:
1) the free computers at the language school have all been switched to either japanese or chinese by the students and i don’t know how to switch them back
2) the japanese students are always watching anime and taking up all the bandwidth, so it takes forever to load one page.
3) internet cafes are expensive to use on a daily basis

I hope you understand but i will try to keep you updated as much as possible.

Love and Bisous!