Missed a couple of days in there, I think… actually, this won’t get any better for my faithful readers. The free internet is officially ending this Wednesday, when my language classes end, so this spontaneity will not necessarily improve. I apologize.

This weekend I didn’t do a lot during the days, but I did go out a lot at night. I spent some evenings with my friends at the cite and another evening at a Parisian student dorm party. That was interesting – really low key, and they didn’t drink too much! It was great – I didn’t say much because it was mostly inside jokes and slang. But I felt like telling them that I fit in with them! They are my type!
I will admit that last week I did a lot of sleeping, which I probably needed. Everyone did. The weather was terrible and rainy. What else were we to do?

Saturday night I went to a famous jazz club where all the greats have played. It is called “Caveau des Oubliettes” because you go down into an old torture chamber in the basement where you sit on wooden benches and the band is about two feet from your face. Entry is free but you have to buy a drink.
The band actually wasn’t jazz, it was funk, BUT it was still quite acceptable. I actually knew two people there. I felt like I was back at the King’s Head in Winnipeg or something.

Yesterday Mim arrived in Paris! What fun! I met her by the Eiffel tower and we headed out to my suburb, and my mere francaise actually let her up to see the flat! It was very brief and a bit awkward, but I am glad at least one person from Canada got to witness my living quarters 😉

We grabbed a pain au chocolat from a bakery down the street (unfortunately the one right by my house was closed) (it is better), and wandered around the Marais for a little while. It was really neat to be with a non-obnoxious tourist who was just discreetly in awe of the city and its beauty. we went to a vintage store and bought some CHEAP stuff and then went to a cafe for lunch – les philosophes. it was pretty cool, and rachel joined us after about an hour (she had forgotten about the time change and missed her flight.)

we walked and walked and ended up taking mim back to st. germain church after gettingl ost (only once!) rachel and i took coffee and had a nice chat, and then went to dinner at this great pizza place (real italians) i know in montmartre, kind of off the beaten track. it was great fun and GREAT food (and i had forgotten how much i missed italian wine!) then rachel waved at some random people who were watching us eating from outside. i looked and LO AND BEHOLD! the guy I met at the pub on st. paddy’s day, Iannis. so wierd. they didn’t stay but it was such a wierd coincidence.

I went home and had a great sleep. Woke up – beautiful, warm day and I actually caught a glimpse of the sunrise. it felt great!
french class, etc., then i was supposed to meet rachel and mim at the language school and take them to figure drawing with me. but alas! no word until 1:30, when rachel called and said she hadn’t been able to meet up with mimwhen they were supposed to at 12:15. so rachel came to the class and we had a grand old time, and found out that mim is indeed on the tour guide’s list and as far as we know, she is with the group. i told the tour guide to tell mim to call me as soon as possible, but alas, no word yet. don’t worry, friends and family – I am sure that mim is with the group – they seem to be taking very good care ofher, as she is never alone. but miriam neufeld! if you are reading this, call me ASAP! we both want to see you before you leave the city! 06 98 79 68 06.

anyway, rachel and i went to another cafe (food, food, food!) and had some good talking time, and we are meeting later tonight to go to the same jazz club as i went on saturday. hopefully mim will be able to come with us.

in figure drawing we worked with negative space and i didn’t like it, but it looked nice. so.

i am supposed to be dining with my mere francaise but she is not here. i don’t know what is going on.

love, bekki