hi friends!

oh dear how the time flies when you only have a month left!
i have had a good last couple of days generally.

painting class was AWESOME we worked with acrylics and direct pigment and collaging. i will post pictures of my work eventually.
tango last night was very satisfying and enjoyable. my feet are sore today. we are starting next week to do tango on the quais of the seine. yippee!
today was my last french class in paris. i did a presentation on l’aquitaine and i brought some wine from st. emilion. it was some heavenly wine.

oh – we never did find mim but it was a connection problem – she was not lost. its hard to find people in crowds – too bad. really too bad.

tomorrow i part for barcelona in the morning. i will return monday morning.
i am going with two girl friends.
pray for my safety but dont worry if i cant post… i will contact you if i can.

love, bekki