Hi again! i have been getting okay access to internet from my house but i can’t post pictures from barcelona because they are so many! i have to just pay the exhorbitant internet cafe prices. pictures are coming.

the weather is gorgeous in paris – sunny every day and warm in a way that it doesn’t matter if you do or don’t wear your jacket. i have painted for 3 hours the past two days and I will do it again today. my goal is to finish my man today. a huge goal but i think maybe i will be able to get close. i am avoiding the arm/face/leg area, which is the interesting part of the painting. yesterday i got the basics down for the green cloth he is sitting on, and the day before i finished the ocean. i need to work on the little piece of land in the background.

it is a bit sad to be in the studio when it is so lovely outside but it is so good for me. this is what i came to paris for. the sunlight streams into the studio and i open all the windows (so i don’t get too high on turpentine). i love painting with oils because you can move around the color easily and mix it. now that i am painting with other mediums i realize how much i love oil.

yesterday evening i went to the intermediate class which was not on the quais of the seine. i danced with a very advanced dancer which was a great experience! i really felt how fluid the dance can be and how gentle a lead can be. all of my favorite dancers were there. everyone is shocked and sad that i only have 3 weeks left in paris. my teacher complained that every time he gets a gifted student who learns fast, they leave. he told me that i need to dance as much as possible, because ca commence a finir. how depressing that is!

after the class, we all went to Latina close to Hotel de Ville to dance some more. I had never been there and it is very intimate feeling (which also means full). It was a very different experience than the first bal i went to at Cafe Opus. I actually know how to dance now! yay! It was a great time – a really really great time. the music was wonderful and the floor moved well. i felt really good.
all of a sudden salsa came on! i was so excited, but it turns out that most tango people don’t really dance salsa that much. but my teacher, who can’t really even move that well because of some illness, grabbed me and danced with me! it was a bit of a melange entre cuban and columbienne. SO much fun. he is good at salsa! we were one of 3 couples dancing on the floor, and there was a bit of pressure to perform but i just forgot about it and had fun.
i also discovered a new dance in my life – sevillana. it takes alot of room and the man and the woman circle around each other on the floor. i’ll have to learn.

i was driven home by someone in my class (!) (new experience, being driven somewhere), and i realized that i had spoken french without a hitch the entire night and the whole way home.

it makes me feel like maybe i am ready to leave. maybe i need to come back to canada and dream up something new to learn. there will always be times when you are better or worse at things. i could stay years in france improving my french and my tango and my art and learning who knows what else. i know i need to come back and finish my degree – i need to come back eventually. the only way i can stay here for the summer is if i make more money here than at home, which is not THAT likely unless i get the normandy job. or unless…

does anyone have any opinions on coming home?