Il fait très beau en Paris et je suis heureuse et je marche beaucoup!

Sunday afternoon i went to Bois de Vincennes with some friends from the programme. it was far and by the time i got there, it was late. it was also a very full park and very near to an amusement park, so it was really not that relaxing either. it reminded me of being in north america, did not ressemble at all europe. but it was a beautiful day and i am now bronzée and have lots of freckles!

after that, i went dancing sur les quais du seine. it was wonderful and it felt like a milestone. the bateaux mouches (lots of people call them bateaux moches which means ugly boats) were going by to see us dancing and i remembered when i was on one of those boats, didnt know any french and wanted soo badly to come back to paris to dance on the quais. i am now there – i have accomplished my dream! the dancing was wonderful as well and it was invigorating to dance in plein air.

i danced until far after dark, then walked back to my metro line. i passed by notre dame where there were fire dancers like i saw all summer in winnipeg last summer, usually after salsa dancing. i suddenly really missed the earthiness of home and the people and activities that are my real life.

mondays drawing class went really well and we looked through our portfolios in preparation for the final show. there are only 2 more classes. it is really starting to wrap up and the classes are one thing that i cannot just stay and continue. how time has flown, and how i know it will never be the same in paris without this rich learning.

in the evening i saw iannis again after he had been gone for the weekend.

tuesday was painting class and i was completely uninspired and discouraged. i wanted to change my theme. we did watercolors and i didnt mind the medium as much as i thought i would. in the evening was tango and i didnt dance well. i was tired and still discouraged from the watercoloring.
also my partner found out that i am dating someone and he texted me after storming out of the class, saying that he hopes i understand that he cant be my partner anymore. it was hard but i suppose i understand how he feels, although i am very surprised that he feels so strongly about me. now i will not go to the beginner class on tuesday, but only the intermediate class on thursday. it is better that way.

today i painted and it was INSPIRED, perhaps the best one i have done so far. it is of a man standing with all his stuff drinking beer under a streetlight on a paris street. i love it.

neva is babysitting a rich persons dog that speaks french and we were all going crazy over it.

i took pictures of all my work and will post them soon, as well as pictures of the dancing and of paris in general.

love and bisous

oh i forgot to tell you about my new idea for work in paris!
i want to draw famous places in paris and sell my drawings for 20 E. if i sell 6 a day, that will be about 1000 can a week. i have yet to budget living expenses, but i will try it and see if it is successful on a weekend. then i will decide. time is running out.