I am trying to remember what i have done in the past few days. Wednesday i created art in the studio (pictures coming soon), and Louvre class was in the evening. It did not stick out at all. we looked at 18th c. italian and spanish painting. i mean, not that the painting didn’t stick out. i decided i am not such a fan of el greco although he is really good and I am a huge fan of Ribera. like a really huge fan. he is extremely skilled and his stuff is striking.
check out la reposition du christ.
i want to paint or make an altarpiece for St. M’s when I get back. it would take several years but i would do it with egg and stuff.

Thursday I again went to the studio all day and created artwork. in the evening I went to dance class (intermediate). i did not dance well, i don’t think. i think i need new shoes. mine are all worn down and thin-soled, and my big toe hurts from pressing against a hard surface. it is really too bad that i can no longer dance as long as i used to. i feel like i can dance and do almost anything, but i am on a plateau. i want to get better!

friday i went to the studio and practised voice but i was not inspired to create art. so, I went to the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. it was pretty cool – i saw some Matisse and some other exhibits that were nondescript. although we did participate in this ‘work of art’ where you go into a room with a woman with a flashlight. then she leaves and shuts the door. you are in a completely black room walking on some kind of deep sand – feels like the moon. there are little lights that start flashing all around and it leads you into this meditation on journeying – ‘say goodbye to your loved ones. keep in contact with people. you are not the same person you used to be.’ or ‘are you ready? don’t underestimate what you left behind. your life is about to change.’ it was a bit ironic to be there knowing that perhaps what the voice was saying was true. it was a good method for brainwashing, though, because your mind is completely open and not expecting anything when you are first put into the room.

after that, me and kelly and neva went out for indien food (lovely) in pigalle and then to iannis’ flat for an apero. which is like a party but a bit classier. it was really fun and there were lots of french youth for us to talk to ;). actually, since that party i have been able to say hi to some people my age on the street. a good feeling.

so – i had a good, solid half hour conversation about life with this guy and he didn’t have to slow down and i could just speak fluidly! it was a milestone. speaking with young people is a whole different ball game because they use slang, mumble, and skip over things. to have a conversation where the language is not the main focus is a really important goal.

on saturday our whole wells group went to giverny which is where monet’s house and gardens and water lily pond are. i will post pictures soon. it was really gorgeous. we saw his huge collection of japanese art and the town of giverny as well. i drew the water lily pond – it was a great experience drawing something that i knew a great artist had painted.
il faisait beau and it was a really relaxing day. i definitely have a huge faceful of freckles. in the evening iannis came to my quartier and we walked around and down by the seine, which was absolutely moche. but it was fun at the same time. we saw a bunch of peniches. if i lived in paris i would want to live on a peniche. it is like a barge that is converted into a house. it’s great because you don’t have to pay rent. 😉

on sunday i slept in and then met iannis and a bunch of his friends and people i had already met in bois du boulogne for a picnic. but that was only for a short time because i went and danced tango on the quais of seine. that was not that great because there was only one danser there and i danced with him for 3 hours, which is boring. i was really tired by the end. poor feet.

i am coming back in two weeks.