finally – some pictures for you friends!
by the way, i have only 12 days and counting left in paris. thats twelve days for you to buy a ticket and visit me!!!

this is the seine completely SANS tourists on easter morning. man it was calm.

this is two of my fellow classmates dancing on the quai.
monet’s garden
monet’s water lily pond

caroussel by hotel de ville
by the museum of modern art, who is letting graffiti artists decorate the side closest to the seine.
watercolor SDF
my first painting of SDF in wax ( i hate it if you are wondering)
acrylic SDF with collaging
wax SDF
the man himself who i believe has returned to the louvre – i have yet to check
so that is it!
i have had my last drawing class which was extremely successful and an amazing model, and the last painting class as well today. i cannot believe it is almost over. i have not an clue how i am going to take all this stuff back with me. well see.

talk to you later!