hi everyone!
here is what is up with me. i am translating my resume in a last ditch attempt to get a job. turns out all of a sudden tons of cafés need bilingual bargirls.

i have been painting etc.
i love being in paris it is warm and there is lots of art
i saw st. germain church and went to musée delacroix
i bought an eiffel tower keychain

this is my man. today i finished him but i dont have pictures yet. this is from the last session. you can see the difference in the hands.
this is a picture of all of our drawings in Kathys studio the last draxing class. mine are the two second and third from the right.
me and kathy together in the studio
the louvre last night was gorgeous and check out that prussian blue sky. this was at sunset
i love you all and i hope you have good weather for me when i get back!!!!
as of right now i am arriving 10 pm wpg airport on the 29th of april, if you want to come and see me bawling like a baby. i would love to catch up with a bunch of you when i get back.