Tango was super awesome last night and my feet didn’t hurt at all! I had to say goodbye to some of my favorite danseurs because I will not see them again before I leave. Saying goodbye is so important – so often we say ‘well, of course i will see you again!’. Not always true. I am almost certain that I will return to Paris one day (soon? as soon as i can afford it) but that does not mean i will see the same people and have the same kind of life. These are the people, without realizing it, who have shaped the changes in me and my time in paris. I owe them alot.

E-mail from my teacher:

Salut Rebecca,
Bon cours ce soir, tu commences vraiment à passer la vitesse supérieure.
Tu suis bien, très légèrement, tu as déjà de l’allure, de la technique, y compris féminine.

… etc.

En tout cas, félicitations pour tes derniers progrès, je suis très content.
Hi Rebecca,
Good class this evening, you are starting to really exceed the highest speed.
You follow well, very lightly, you already have allure and technique, femininity included.
In any case, congratulations for your last few steps, I am very happy.

I have yet to dance this Sunday sur les quais et aussi la classe de jeudi prochaine.

Iannis translated my cv last night and I am thinking of dropping it off at a few places today – I highly doubt I will actually get a job, but I am terrified of doing this because of the vocabulary issue. They don’t tell you how to look for a job in class. But this is, perhaps, the reason I should go – one last push for my french skills, one last overcoming of fear in France.
The next fear to overcome is that of the return.

I am starting to think of the last things I want to do – I will go to the Louvre and Orsay and visit my very best friends again – Van Eyck, David, Da Vinci, Vaillant, Vermeer, Carpeaux, Michaelangelo, and Vittoire among others. I think I want to sing under the passage in the Louvre at night – Deh Vieni. I have yet to picnic on the quai of the Seine with wine, cheese, baguette… I do want to revisit the Rodin garden, and I want to walk and walk. I am sure I will find more things I want to do… if you have an opinion on what I should do, please don’t hesitate a dire because I might be forgetting something. (I don’t care about the eiffel tower.)

Ca commence a finir, et je suis toute en larmes.