I am quite out of sorts right now.

Saturday night, Iannis and I went to see Renée Fleming in a concert version of Thais at Théatre Musicale de Chatelet. It was great. Renée was wonderful, and halfway through we changed places to actually be able to see the stage. This was thanks to Iannis’ audaciosity (is that a word in english?) – he argued with the doorman to get us in which is something i would never do.

sunday i went to st. eustache for the last time and then met Iannis again to go see Cyrano de Bergerac. This was a surprise. I had mentioned that I wanted to see it, but I thought it was long over by now. but no! we had really good seats on the front of the second balcony, and the theatre was old and baroque-ish – very extravagant. the production was probably the best production i have seen, ever. they had an extremely tasteful melange of lots of different theatre techniques – they used film projections, there were live cellist musicians playing on the stage, and the blood was little pieces of red paper that exploded when someone was stabbed. it was really remarkable, the language is beautiful and wayyyy better in french than in english, and the acting was also superb. very very well done.

in the evening i danced on the quais for the last time and it went very well except i didnt have proper shoes so i couldnt get my balance. eric danced with me and it was really wonderful because he experiemented like crazy and did things that i have never done before or even seen done. i learned the bolero. i danced with some other people too and had to say goodbye to some more dancers.

segolene and sarkozy are in the deuxieme tour for the election and everyone is sad except the liberal (conservative in canadian equivalent)s. this is not a good turn. france will never be the same. either they have a president very similar to bush, or they have a president who is lacking in intelligence. that is the short explanation.

this morning i had breakfast with karen who i know from starbucks and st. ms and this afternoon we prepared our drawings for the show on friday. i am now going home to pack.
i bought tickets to simon boccanegra by verdi at opera bastille and iannis and i are going tuesday evening. should be good… they are good tickets at amazing price.