I can’t believe I’m leaving in 2 days! It seemed closer a week ago than it does now. I have contacted all my old acquaintances, my dance instructor, my mere francaise, to plan coffee dates. I’ve been looking over my notes from earlier this year to refresh my memory… what will people expect me to know? ;S

Iannis is taking me to Potsdam, Germany after Christmas. Most North American’s I’ve talked to don’t know anything about it, but Europeans do. It is apparently gorgeous, with several UNESCO World Heritage sites and a good artsy nightlife. It has a park with 3 palaces! It is 20 minutes from Berlin, and it used to be on the Eastern side of the wall. I am very excited to go to a place in Germany that I like. I’ll put a link on the right so you can check it out.

I need to shop for a few things before I go, clean the apartment, study for and write one exam, and pack. luckily I’ve done most things but I can’t imagine getting everything done in two days!

The thing that I’m excited for most, though (besides Iannis), is returning to a city that felt like home. When I ‘returned’ to paris the first time, I did not know it at all. Now, there are so many memories I left behind, and I still retain knowledge of the city – what richness awaits me?

Countdown to Landing: 2 days, 14 hours, 28 minutes