et BONJOUR de Paris! i am finally here and i feel like i never left, except for a few french language skills lost. i am finding that i know i know a word, but i am at a complete loss as to what it is. luckily i have iannis to ask and i am remembering things quite quickly.

i slept in today, but i will be going out in the afternoon, seeing David, the program director of wells, and going to a techno party at a club called le cigale by *special invitation* ha ha. i am going to meet one of iannis’ good friends named ikram – apparently she is ‘quite something’ – whatever that means.

the flight went well. my paris flight was delayed 3 hours so i spent alot of time in the bar in the airport in chicago chatting with a couple from chicago and a bunch of young people from manchester. the snow had basically stopped all air traffic. i tried to sleep on the plane but i was simply too excited, so i read the entire flight – love in the time of cholera. i’m almost finished.

seeing iannis was beautiful and it felt like only days that we had been apart. i suppose we are the typical parisian lovers… stopping every twenty paces to kiss. ūüėČ we went for a walk in montmartre before supper last night as we used to do when we met – paused at the top of the butte, at sacre coeur, and surveyed the city. all the beauty that i remember is still here. the stench too, and the noise and pollution, but i feel much more relaxed now than i did when i was here before. i think its because now i have a place, friends, and a good base knowledge of everything i need to know.

eric, my tango instructor, invited me to danse on a péniche this evening. a péniche is an old barge that has been converted into living space, or, in this case, a petit club de tango! it would be so fabulous to go, but i already have tickets to this techno club and i am going to two other courses this week. it will be wonderful to see everyone again.

it is time for me to GET OUT THERE and reaquaint myself with the city i love! bisous et à bientot!