My first full day in Paris…. wheee!

I spent 4 hours in the Louvre soaking it all in again. it was so relaxing, and they have rearranged some things so i was in for one or two surprises. The culmination of the visit came when i finally found ‘my man’ – un jeune homme nu au bord de la mer by flandrin. he’s back from nantes and he’s beautiful! and i am proud to say that i think i rendered him well in my copy. especially the color of the sea and the clouds.Le Vittoire de Samothrace – my rendition. sorry things are sideways.RUBIN’S ROOM – one of my favorite places
some sea gods in rubins – doesnt he look like he’s having fun?

another thing i noticed is that they cleaned the glass on van eycks la vierge du chancelier rolin. in fact, i noticed lots of cleaning staff all around, as well as lots more staff in general. and, as usual, there were tons of art students.

i was struck with the sensation of being so lucky to be able to access such a beautiful city so easily. now that i’m here, i feel none of the sadness or longing that comes with the knowledge that it is so hard to get to ¨Paris, money-wise. ( i should hope not , i’m here! ) i think for sure i will live here one day. je suis un peu ‘chez moi’ ici as iannis said.

after the louvre, i took the bus to hotel de ville, where there were people skating! how charming!
i walked through the marais, went to mariage frères the tea shop and was completely overwhelmed, and ended up at bastille – dear old bastille. i then metroed back to chatelet to join iannis.

we went to a techno show at la cigale, a club across the street which is quite well-known, i think. iannis’ roommate, raph, knows the organizer, so we got balcony VIP seats! ha ha. it was basically just pop music. i had fun dancing, there was some really bad music, but all in all it was a fun night. i met one of iannis’ friends, ikram, and she was really cool tooo.

that’s us. 🙂

i am mad at myself for having slept in again, but blame it on the jetlag. a wasted sunny morning! how could i! but as i was laying in bed, it registered that the sirens are a major second apart.