wheeee! this has nothing to do with paris, but i just got accepted into the summer program that i auditioned for, NUOVA in edmonton! i got gretel in hansel and gretel. HOORAY! i was chosen from nation-wide auditions.

on to the next thing.
yesterday i slept in again…. i was mad. today too. i think its because i’m walking so much in the mild cold all day that it makes me absolutely exhausted.

i had coffee with David, the program director of well yesterday – that was great to talk to him and we had a really good time. i tried to go to musée gustav moreau but it was closed, so i saw église trinité and drew the inside, and i also saw église de madeleine with which i was not too impressed. i then walked from madeleine to the louvre and took the bus to chatelet to meet iannis. we bought some of the finest tea in the world at mariage frères and then went for an apéro at a café called la perla in the marais.

in the evening i went to my tango class.
i had forgotten what heaven it is to dance with parisians. it was fabulous. so light and fluid, and i am given free rein to do all i desire in the dance. it was an advanced class so we learned some great ‘moves’ and i remembered my french just like that. so easy. i think eric was glad my dance had not deteriorated because he used me as an example throughout the whole second part of the class. i had SO much fun. someone brought gingerbread cookies. i saw Thomy also.

sorry this is a bit rushed, but i have to leave in 10 minutes to meet my mère française at her place for lunch.

i’ll post pictures soon,
à demain,
a very happy bekki