All hope is lost for me to see a Paris morning. I am having such trouble waking up in the morning and I get so tired at night… i will have just adjusted and i’ll have to leave. today i woke up at 12:30. i simply cannot get up early!

I barely made it to my host mom’s on time yesterday au cause de sleep, but it was fantastic once i got there. we talked about life, she wants to buy a country house, music, news, family, love… what fun to see her again!

i decided i hate the time from 4:30 to 6:30 here. the museums are closed, its getting cold and dark, and iannis is still at work. what do i do? i have not figured out this time of day. so yesterday i got out of lunch with my host mom at 4, and was immobilized until i met iannis at 6:30 at the louvre. i wrote postcards, took a nap, made the bed… grrrr.

in the evening iannis made a quiche ( sooo good) and we went to a party at his friends’ place. it was really fun – i have met most of these people before and it was definitely a good day for the french!

my goal for today is to go to a museum, perhaps meet with marie, and my goal for tomorrow is to WAKE UP!