I slept in AGAIN today but Iannis got the day off so it was with him. that is acceptable. I noticed that I get my deepest sleep at about 10 am here which is 3 am in Canada – so that makes sense. I am having a relaxing vacation, and i shouldn’t be mad at myself for not seeing everything i wanted to see. i am here to be with iannis and to meet his friends and family and see people i know and make new friendships and get rest. there is nothing wrong with that.

I met with Marie yesterday, a Canadian opera singer living in Paris. She offered to give me advice on singing in France – she gave me much more. She told me about programs and people and accompanists and auditions and agents and countries all over the world. And Paris practise space! She gave insight into frenchmen and into good and bad career moves that she’s made. It was a fabulous conversation, she is a fabulous woman with wonderful stories and a good head on her shoulders. I feel as though talking with her may be life-changing in ways that I cannot even see yet.
And en plus, we met at this little restaurant called Angelina’s on rue de Rivoli (across from tuileries) which has the air of a high-class teahouse. It has the best hot chocolate I have ever had in my life. You get a huge pitcher of melted chocolate bar that you drink with chantilly whipped cream. Which I have had before, in fact, I had decided on the best chocolat chaud in Paris in March of this year but this tops it by a mile.

I also found something to do during that awful late afternoon time… SHOPPING! 😉 Yes, I am very poor, but I went into all the shops along Rivoli – tourist, art stores, perfumeries, clothing. I found a store that sells all the big designer clothes for alot less – kind of like a designer warehouse. i bought a skirt for 20 euros that reminds me of Amélie Poulain.

I then met Iannis at Bastille and we had an apéro with his friend Mo from Lyon who lives near Bastille; and his girlfriend Aurélie. It was fun, as usual…

Tango was fantastic – I would move to Paris just to dance tango. We spent the whole class on Milonga, which was a bit boring, but the dancers are soooo good that it is always a pleasure. Eric, stoic though he is, took a picture of Thomy and I together of his own accord. Alain, another dancer, walked me to the metro and told me that i was very elegant and that i had become a real parisian woman. 😀

The french. I have been told that I speak well once again, except I confuse the word order with english sometimes, as well as i have regained a bit of a canadian accent (english accent) in french. but that’s okay…. i am starting to be able to speak in a fluid manner again – just in time to leave for lyon in one hour, and i’ll meet his parents this evening.

Today I had my first parisian croissant from a real boulangerie… mmmm.
so, à bientot – i don’t know when i’ll be able to write again because i’ll be in lyon and grenoble. we’ll see!