so! here i am in lyon, safe and sound.

the train ride was about 2 hours on TGV, and iannis’ family is very very nice. i connect especially with his father because of music. i also met his sister and her boyfriend. we have been eating EXTREMELY well…
meal #1:
some kind of roast
an array of cheeses

meal #2:
foie gras and bread
some kind of meat
rice with parmesan cheese

meal #3:
foie gras and bread
fresh raw oysters
homemade hummus and radishes
dried tomatoes from sicily
dried duck meat stuffed with foie gras
roasted vegetables
creme anglaise

ha ha ha this is ridiculous and wonderful!

iannis and i took bikes and explored old lyon a bit yesterday – it is extremely beautiful and it reminds me of london and barcelona. the people are very nice. i saw the rhone river which runs through lyon also.
we climbed a hill and saw roman ruins and two gorgeous churches – one medieval, one gothic era. the thing about lyon is that there is actually air to breathe, and the buildings are colorful and you can see between them – not so many people, not so packed.

we’ve been going out with friends every night and i feel like i have met every person in iannis’ life. it is however, difficult to escape smoke and i have become very sick with a dry cough and a runny nose. its too bad because i can’t enjoy things as i would like to and its difficult to concentrate on french and being charming late at night with a stuffed up head. i went to a pharmacy yesterday and they sat me down, analysed my symptoms and gave me little medications for my symptoms. i feel a bit better.

yesterday was a remarkable night – iannis and i and his old basketball team drove an hour out of lyon to a tiny village restaurant, famous for its frogs. oh, how we ate! we started with flavoured champagne, and tiny little tastes of creamy soup of some kind. then we started in on the frogs. they are fried, i suppose, with garlic, herbs, and lightly breaded. you eat the meat of the bones of the whole frog (it is still in a frog shape) with your fingers, and sop up the butter with the bread. when i was almost done and full, the server came out with second helpings! i must have eaten 10 frogs in total, which were delicious.
but that was just the entree! then we had coquille st. jacques with roasted tomatoes and potatoes gratin. as if that weren’t enough, we had wines with every course.
perhaps the highlight of the night came when the server rolled out a huge cart COVERED in at least 20 different kinds of cheeses, and looked right at me – ‘madame?’ i panicked and said that i would wait for everyone else to choose. i ended up choosing brie, st. marcellan and conté, but she gave me st. fecilien instead i think. of course we had gamay wine with that course.
then came dessert – i had creme brulee, and coffee. i was wayy too full by this time but it was completely worth the drive. what an incredible experience.
at the beginning of the meal, i couldn’t understand a word that was spoken, they were using so much slang, but by the end i could actually laugh at some jokes! yes!!!!
we went back to someone’s place and stayed until 3:30 am.

à bientot!