is now up and running!

I’m going to wait until I’m back in Canada to write my summary of Vienna because it will be fairly long, and I don’t want to waste my last few precious hours.
Last night Iannis and I partyed at one of his friends’ appartments, and it was really an international party… two girls from spain, one from germany, one from turkey, a bunch of french folk, and me! We danced to salsa, eighties music, musicals, french, everything you can imagine, and bisous and champagne all around at midnight. Got to bed at 4am. I had so much fun, dancing all night with these fantastic people. Once again… I’ll post pictures later.
It was interesting because there was free transport in Paris for the New Year and EVERYONE was in the street or partying with their windows open. I’ve never seen so much party! It was even more crazy at 3am when we started to go home, because the metro was not working and neither were the night busses (whose great idea was that???) the taxis were all full – at one taxi stand there were at least 70 people waiting. So, we walked home – one hour later we were in bed.

Today we got out of bed finally at about 2pm and went to have very good chinese food with Hugo and Olivia, Iannis’ friends. Now I have to pack to rentre… I do not want to leave, but I must. I am helpless. Of course I will return.

I’ll arrive in Winnipeg at 10 ish tomorrow – see you then!