RC Woodmass


 I am an entrepreneur, speaker, designer/dev unicorn, published poet, and classically-trained singer. I raise my voice for justice for marginalized folks. 

Founder of Queerit

Queerit is a queer, feminist, anticapitalist digital agency that specializes in websites, graphic design, and branding. It was founded in 2016.


I spin phrases in a wide range of genres and topics; poetry, personal essays, design, tech, and productivity hacks.


Keynotes & Workshops

I frequently speak and give workshops at inclusion-focussed workplaces, conferences, and retreats.


Organizing & Events

See my public-facing schedule, including queer co-working sessions, speaking engagements, facilitation, and performance.



Articles & Media Highlights

[Resource] Nonbinary Gender

The more people know about the nuances of gender and sexuality, the less likely that I, and people like me, will be excluded because of a lack of knowledge.

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[Resource] Inclusive Washroom Signs

This #InternationalNonBinaryDay, make sure a nonbinary person can do their business without choosing a gender! Print out these inclusive washroom signs (use mine for free or make your own!) and re-label your local facilities. We all will thank you!

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About RC

RC Woodmass (they/them), a trained classical soprano, is a non-binary lesbian now working in tech. They are the founder of Queerit, a queer, feminist, anticapitalist digital agency. For the last three years they have immersed themself in the tech sector, co-leading the Montreal chapter of Lesbians Who Tech (& Allies) to be one of the most active chapters in their global network from 2016-2018. RC spent a year working as a product designer, applying their talents in speaking, writing, and design as a founding employee of diversity and inclusion startup Crescendo. They have been called a “rising star in the queer/feminist movement” and work tirelessly for the visibility of queer and trans folks in the tech sector, as well as in society at large. They love cycling, writing poetry, gardening, and their cat, Didi.

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