Grieving the end of singing

You can’t live on joy, on applause. You can’t eat adoration. You can’t live in a concert hall. And my heart couldn’t bear losing another family after every gig. The universe did her best to keep me going. Who knows, maybe my big break was around the corner, and I just had to hang on a tiny bit longer, just one more audition. I guess I’ll never know.

Hi, I’m Rowan

and I’m a writer, potter, and visual artist. I founded Queerit, a queer, feminist, anticapitalist design agency. I  speak, write, and work for the well-being of queer and trans folks, and I dream of strong unions, universal basic income, and a police- and prison-free society.

Coming Out

Coming out was not about finally realizing who I was; it was about realizing that there were other people that did not feel the way that I did, that there was language to name how I felt, and that I was not alone.